How can I order service?

You can call us at (940) 867-2867 or email at

What hours can water be delivered?

Commercial customers are scheduled during regular business hours. 

Residential customer orders can be dropped off at your residence even if you are not home, just leave your empties out so we may pick them up. Remember that we are here to service your needs.

How will I be billed?

We have two options. You can pay directly from the invoice or receive monthly billing statement.

What happens if I run out or something goes wrong with my equipment?

Just give us a call at (940) 867-2867 and we will send someone out to fix any problems you may have.

What makes CKM Distributors & Hill Country different?

Unlike the competition, we are a local company. Our water is drawn from a protected source and our quality of products and service are a step above the rest.

What types of water do you provide?

We carry several types of water including: Spring water, Drinking water, Purified water, Alkaline water, half liter individual bottled drinking water and commercial reverse osmosis water filtration system.